The Psychological fear of being unable to use your phone.

This phobia centres on excessive fear or anxiety that occurs when a person is without or unable to use their phone. If phone use is something negatively affecting your relationships, concentration, emotional health, physical wellbeing, or life overall - you may need to seek some support in overcoming this anxiety disorder and addiction.

View the video to identify symptoms and behavioural patterns that arise from Nomophobia.

a person holding a cell phone in their hand
a person holding a cell phone in their hand
Smell and Memory

Did you know that a simple scent can transport you back to a childhood memory or evoke strong emotions? In this video, we explore the fascinating connection between smell and memory. Discover the science behind olfactory memory and its implications for our daily lives.

View the video on how smell impacts on memory.

The Startle Response

The startle response is an automatic, reflexive reaction that occurs when we encounter a sudden, unexpected stimulus, such as a loud noise or a quick movement. This involuntary response involves a rapid physical movement, such as jumping or flinching, and is part of our body's protective mechanism designed to quickly prepare us for potential threats. TRAUMA can significantly amplify the startle response, making individuals more sensitive to sudden stimuli.

View the video to understand symptoms and triggers

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Client Feedback

A portion of positive feedback provided online by clients that have attended counselling.

Empowered Mind Counselling Service - based in Melbourne, Australia, provides counselling for Individuals (16 and over), Couples and Family members. Sessions available via phone, video and in person.

Telehealth Australia wide

View the video to read through some feedback left by clients.

Relationship Rituals

Simple rituals keep our relationships healthy over the course of time. It helps strengthen our relationship bond and provides the foundations of feeling emotionally connected. Commitment to rituals provides the glue needed for couples to stick together during the times of stress and strain.

What rituals does your relationship contain?

View the video for more information.

woman in gray crew neck shirt
woman in gray crew neck shirt
Social Anxiety

People with severe social anxiety have a deep-seated fear of being judged, rejected, embarrassed or humiliated during social interactions. The causes for Social Anxiety are varied and usually a combination of factors. Watch the short video for more information on the causes behind developing social anxiety.

View the video to identify the causes and physiological impacts.

Cognitive Distortions

These are habitual and irrational ways of thinking that are often inaccurate and negatively biased, and common to those with anxiety and depression. Distorted thinking can have significant negative impacts on a person's life - in relationships, employment, and social connections.

Watch the video to see examples of distorted thinking styles.


Using a Journal - or writing overall - can help a person find clarity, diffuse anger and anxiety and help work through deep emotional issues. Journaling doesn't have to be the same old process. The typical style of writing in a journal is putting your current thoughts onto paper. Some people get overwhelmed with the thought of this, and others get bored after a while. But there are many other exercises that can help prompt this cathartic approach.

View the video for 8 types of Journaling Exercises.


Toxic people use this type of psychological manipulation tactic (abuse) to exert power over others in order to have control over friends, family members, spouses and work colleagues. Watch the video for examples of toxic comments undermine peoples well-being. Commonly used by abusive partners / family members / managers / colleagues, cult leaders and narcissists.

View the video to identify the signs

Vitamin D deficiency and Mental Health

Most people don't realist the importance of Vitamin D on the body's mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Vitamin D plays a crucial role in maintaining our psychological and physiological health. Common symptoms can be fatigue, frequent illness, and muscle pains. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause depression, anxiety, heart issues, and altered blood pressure.

View the video to see the signs and symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency and how it can have a severe impact.